Goshuin Notebook Making

Make your own goshuin notebook with monks at this Buddhist temple, which is associated with the Heian period venerable monk Genshin.
Immerse yourself in the otherworldly atmosphere of chanted prayers accompanied by wooden blocks and a Buddhist sermon delivered in front of the temple's most sacred image, a statue of Amitabha Tathagata, an important cultural property.

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Details of the experience

First, select washi paper to use for the cover.
Choose one you like out of around 50 types.
Affix the washi paper to base paper.
It doesn't have to fit exactly, as the edges will be folded over on the inside.
Once your goshuin notebook is complete, move to the main hall, where we chant prayers while clapping wooden blocks.

Experience data

Time required
about 1.5 hours
4 - 30 people
3,800 yen (Includes temple admission and goshuin fee.)
About reservation
Reservations required, no later than the previous day (May be closed due to events, etc. Please check in advance by phone.)
Parking Lot
15 spaces

Experience location

Kichiden-ji Temple

1-1-23 Koyoshida, Ikaruga-cho, ikoma-gun, nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday