The seminar of traditional Nara pickle in a sake brewery

The shop makes additive-free Nara-zuke with locally grown vegetables and natural ingredients like sake lees (a solid by-product of sake brewing) from ginjo sake, and brown sugar.
In the workshop you learn how to make Nara-zuke and taste Sake from wide varieties. And you can try a lot of kinds of Nara-zuke such as gourd, cucumber, Japanese radish and ginger and melon if you're lucky!

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Details of the experience

First, the master explains about the ingredients and process of making Nara-zuke.
See the various vegetables - uri (a gourd), Japanese radish, carrot and more!
After that, you can taste different varieties and see old-fashioned pickling utensils.
You can try Nara-zuke and rare sake "Hatsushigure".
You take a Nara-zuke souvenir per person♪

Experience data

Time required
about 1 hour
4 people-
3,000 yen
About reservation
Reservations required, no later than 3 days in advance
Parking Lot
3 spaces

Experience location

Ota Sake Brewery

3-3-5 Tatsuta, Ikaruga-cho, ikoma-gun, nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday