Tuk-tuk Experience

Why don't you hire a lovely tuk-tuk and see around Ikaruga that has a history of about 1400 years?

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Details of the experience

It's a tuk-tuk tour you can go around historical spots and places in Ikaruga, such as Horyu-ji Temple that is the first World Heritage Site in Japan, Horin-ji and Hoki-ji Temple.
We recommend you to go inside of Horin-ji and see the statues of Buddha which are the important cultural properties. It costs you 500 yen but it's worth for sure!
We can take a time for photos at each spot. So you can be a great photographer with great scenery!
Our staff drives and takes you a tour so it's also recommended for who hasn't got a license.
Why don't you try a buggy tour at the same time if you have an international license?
For example, licensed drivers drive a buggy and person who has no license or children can take the tuk-tuk tour and go with them.

Experience data

Time required
About 2 hours
3 people
7000 yen (Tax included)
About reservation
Reservations required, no later than a day in advance
Parking Lot
Parking available

Experience location

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

1-6-30 Horyuji-higashi ,Ikaruga-cho,Ikoma-gun,Nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday