Goldfish Seminar

Specialized dealer in ornamental fish such as goldfish and tropical fish.
Visitors can try scooping goldfish and feeding carp farming, but the most exciting thing is a tour conducted by store staff.
The explanations are fascinating, and by the time you leave you too may be a goldfish connoisseur!

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Details of the experience

We goldfish aren't the only ornamental fish here! You can enjoy looking at many different kinds.

Experience data

Time required
about 1 hour
2 - 10 people (Negotiable)
1,500 yen
About reservation
Required *Goldfish scooping costs 200 yen per time (may vary depending on the event), feeding the carp costs 100 yen. * All programs take place 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends and public holidays (goldfish scooping and carp feeding not offered in winter.)
Parking Lot
12 spaces

Experience location

Onoda Ornamental Fish Center

1-7-3 Horyuji-higashi, Ikaruga-cho, ikoma-gun, nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday