Daruma-ji Copying sutras and Buddha Experience

Experience copying sutras and Buddha at Daruma-ji Temple, which began with the encounter between Prince Shotoku and Bodhidharma!
Daruma-ji is the birthplace of Daruma.
It is a temple with a stone statue of Prince Shotoku's dog "Yukimaru".

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Details of the experience

Move to the experience place, the main hall or Hojo (depending on the experience date and number of people).

In the main hall, the wooden statue of Syotoku Taishi (important cultural property designated by the country), the wooden statue of Bodhidharma (important cultural property designated by the country) and the wooden statue of Senju Kannon (important cultural property designated by Oji Town) are enshrined.
Select one of the four types of sutra-copying sheets and Buddhist-copying sheets "Yukimaru, Senju Kannon Gosonei, Bodhidharma Gosonei and Prince Shotoku Gosonei" lined up on the desk.
Calm down and start copying with the fulfillment of your wishes.

The completed copy of the Buddha will be stamped with a temple stamp and dedicated.

Even if you take it home and copy it! You can also bring or mail the completed copy of the Buddha for dedication.
After the experience, it is recommended to go around the precincts and check out the highlights of Daruma-ji Temple!

Experience data

Time required
No time limited until 3 PM
1 to 20 people
1500 yen (tax included)
About reservation
Need a reservation 3 days before the experience
Parking Lot

Experience location

Daruma-ji Temple Prince Shotoku Sacred Place No. 19

2-1-40 Honmachi, Oji Kitakatsuragi-gun

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Regular holiday / Wednesday