【With Tuk-Tuk Experience】Trekking from Yata-dera Temple to Matsuo-dera Temple

An intermediate course where you can hear the chirping of birds, the sound of flowing water and feel nature.
This course starts from "Yata-dera Temple", the birthplace of Jizo in Japan, also known as "Hydrangea Temple", and heads for "Matsuo-dera Temple" which is famous for the oldest evil spirit retreat temple in Japan.

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Details of the experience

After filling in the form at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru, take a "Ikaruga's specialty Tatsuta fried chicken lunch" and head to Yata-dera Temple on the lovely persimmon colour tuk-tuk.
Please enjoy the ride! (Our staff drives a tuk-tuk)
Let's take a walk in the precincts when you arrive at "Yata-dera Temple"!
Approximately 60 species and 10,000 strains of hydrangea are planted, from Climbing hydrangea, which begins in mid-May, to Chinese hydrangea, which blooms around September.
There are a hydrangea garden and a sample garden in the precincts. The park opens from May 27st to July 2th.
(An entrance fee is required during the period: 700 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary school students)
After enjoying a walk, head to "Matsuo-dera Temple"!
An intermediate course with ups and downs and upstairs.
Feel the nature by hearing the chirping of birds, the sound of flowing water and the air of the forest.
* A guide will not accompany you.
A nice view from the observation deck on the way ♪
If you get here, it will be the way to go down to "Matsuo-dera Temple"!
When you arrive at "Matsuo-dera Temple", you have lunch "Ikaruga's specialty Tatsuta fried lunch" first or
after worshiping??
The taste of the lunch box after walking may be different from usual ♪

* Please take your trash home with you.

Experience data

Time required
3 hours~
2 to 3 people
3000 yen (Tax Included)
About reservation
Need a reservation 3 days before the experience
Parking Lot
Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

Experience location

From Yata-dera temple to Matsuo-dera Temple

3549 Yata-cho, Yamato Koriyama, Nara/ 683 Yamada-cho, Yamato Koriyama, Nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday