Herb Soap and Bath Salt Making Experience

Let's make herb soap and bath salts to enrich your bath time.

It is a plan that you can make one original herb soap and bath salts in the world!
It is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.

※Depending on the country, it may be prohibited to bring it back or inspection may be required.

◆◇Meeting place◇◆
・Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru (free parking, luggage storage available)

3,600 yen (tax included) per person
・The price includes the experience fee and material cost.

Meet at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru
(Please come 15 minutes before the start time)

Confirm your reservation and fill out the application form

Move to experience facility

Experience start!

Challenge to make a bath set under the guidance of the sensei!

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Details of the experience

【How to make herb soap】
Mix your favorite herbs and oil with the soap base and knead by hand.
Shape it into your favorite shape and size and let them dry.
【How to make bath salts】
Choose salt, seasonal dried herbs, fresh herbs, and spices then bottle them in the order you like to create a beautiful layer of herbs!

The herbs used in each season are different, and the effects of each type are different, so it's fun to choose♪

Experience data

Time required
1.5 hours
3,600 yen (tax included)
About reservation
Need a reservation 3 days before the experience
Parking Lot
Parking available

Experience location

Relaxing space Orange no Niwa

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Regular holiday / Wednesday