Zensho-ji Temple Preaching Sermons

A sermon given by the chief priest who can speak English at a temple with a unique black pine called "Fusho no Matsu" (Neagari no Matsu), which is rare even in Japan.

◆◇Meeting Place◇◆
・Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru (Parking available)

2300 yen (Tax included) per person

Meeting up at Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru
(Please arrive 30minutes before the time)

Filling in the application form

Move to Zensho-ji Temple

Listening to sermons

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Details of the experience

Founded in 1467 (Onin 1). A sermon given by the chief priest of "Ryukazan Zenshoji", which has a history over 550 years.

Some people may find it a bit formal, but sermons convey the teachings of Buddhism in an easy-to-understand manner.
One of the charms of sermons is that you can listen to stories from various perspectives, such as daily events, world news, and topics.

Listening to sermons may give you new insights.
The "Fusho no Matsu" in the precincts is shaped like a 300-year-old bonsai tree, and its roots protrude from the ground. The one and only black pine.

Experience data

Time required
About 45 minutes (Sermons)
2300 yen (Tax included)
About reservation
Need a reservation 1 week before the experience
Parking Lot
Parking available

Experience location

Zensho-ji Temple

342 Higashi Ando, Ando-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara

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Regular holiday / Wednesday