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From 12,100 yen / person

It is a plan to enjoy the whole day with three popular experiences, making a red stamp book, making persimmon leaf sushi and tea serving experience. Ikaruga's specialty "Tatsuda fried lunch" is included!

Making a red stamp book & mokugyo experience ♪

Over 60 cover designs!
Choose a Japanese paper with your favorite pattern and make your own original red stamp book!

The experience place "Kichiden-ji" is known as "Pokkuri-dera" in Ikaruga-cho, and it is said that if you pray to the statue of Amida Nyorai, the principal idol, you can go to paradise without suffering a long illness.
In addition to making a red stamp book, you can hit a mokugyo and listen to a monk's story.

> Click here for details on the experience of making a stamp book

Lunch at the popular old folk house cafe "Wa CAFE Fukokuen" ♪

When the red stamp book is completed, it's a lunch time!
The origin of Tatsuta fried is said to be the "Tatsuta River" that flows through Ikaruga Town.
Please enjoy the authentic Tatsuta fried lunch at the popular 130-year-old folk house cafe "Wa CAFE Fukokuen".

Nara's soul food "Kaki no ha zushi"

Let's make Nara's soul food "Kaki no ha sushi"!
Divide the vinegared rice into equal parts, mold it, put the ingredients (mackerel and salmon) on the persimmon leaves, and wrap it with the vinegared rice. The next day when the scent of persimmon leaves is settled is the best time to eat.

Let's experience Nara's food culture through a handmade experience!

> Click here for details of the persimmon leaf sushi experience

Experience a tea ceremony in a tea room during the Edo period ☆

Next experience is a tea serving experience in a tea room built in the Edo period.
Close your eyes, calm your mind, and have a cup of tea.
Let's have time to face yourself in a room that will heal your daily fatigue.

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Flow of the day
09:30 JR Horyuji Station (walking or taxi)

09:50 Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru reception

10:00 Experience making a red stamp book

11:50 Ikaruga specialty Tatsuta fried lunch

13:00 Free walk / shopping

14:00 Persimmon leaf sushi handmade experience

15:30 Experience before the event

16:00 Dissolution

16:30 JR Horyuji Station

Reception place

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

1-6-30, Horyuji Higashi, Ikoma Gun Ikaruga Cho, Nara Ken, 636-0112, Japan


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