Overnight & DayTrips


Lodging Plan

19,800 ~ / person

Let's experience an extraordinary atmosphere with sutra-copying and zazen meditating!

After checking in, you copy sutras and do zazen meditating.
After the training experiences, enjoy syojin vegetarian food and make your body and soul even more beautiful!

Experience the Homa line and praying that has continued for 1400 years.

It is said that by worshiping at Homa and chanting the mantra, both the body and spirit are purified, and the "Bodhicitta" that is the heart of the Buddha is opened.
After working in the morning and having breakfast, it is recommended to take a walk until check-out at 9 o'clock.

Handmade Memories with a Pottery Experience ♪

After finishing the lodging and practice experience, the next step is the pottery experience!
There are 5 courses (small plate, teacup, cup, teacup, vase) in the pottery experience". The hand-kneading is characterized by handmade and a plump and cute shape. Even beginners and children can enjoy it.

Trekking on Mt. Myojin

After enjoying the pottery, let's go trekking on Mt. Myojin!
The 40-minute trek to the top of the mountain is a paved road, so it's very easy to walk!
If the weather is nice, you can see the four World Heritage Sites!
If you can see Abeno Harukas and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, lucky you♪
The lunch that you eat at the top is exceptional! !!

Flow of the day
1st day

13:00 JR Horyuji Station (walking or taxi)

13:30 Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru reception

14:00 Mt. Shigi Guide Tour

15:30 Check-in at Mt. Shigi / Shukubo

16:00 Sutra-copying / Zazen meditation

18:00 Supper (Shojin food/vegetarian food)

2nd day

05:00 Homa (Buddhist rite of burning wood sticks to ask for blessing) / Praying

07:00 Breakfast

09:00 Check out

09:30 Pottery experience

12:00 Myojinyama trekking

12:40 Lunch at Mt. Myojin Observatory (Ikaruga specialty Tatsuta fried lunch)

14:00 JR Oji Station

Reception place

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

1-6-30, Horyuji Higashi, Ikoma Gun Ikaruga Cho, Nara Ken, 636-0112, Japan


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