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Spiritual Tour

From 12,100 yen / person

The tours that are very satisfying both physically and mentally, with a set of sutra-copying experience, trekking, walking tour of Horinji Temple guided by the priest and Japanese hospitality experience.
Comes with Ikaruga's specialty "Tatsuda Fried Bento".

Sutra-copying Experience at Yata-dera Temple

First of all, from the sutra-copying experience.
Calm down and start copying quietly.
From June 1st to July 10th, you can enjoy about 60 species and 10,000 hydrangeas at Yatadera Temple.
(An extra entrance fee is required during the hydrangea season.)

> Click here for details on the sutra-copying experience

Trekking from Yata-dera Temple to Matsuo-dera Temple

Let's move your body after copying sutras!

Trekking from Yatadera to Matsuodera!
This is an intermediate course with dirt roads, tall stairs, and ups and downs.
Listen to the chirping of birds and feel the sound of flowing water, and lots of nature!
The Tatsuta fried lunch after walking is exceptional!!!

> Click here for details on the trekking experience

Walking Tour of Horinji Temple guided by The Priest

After trekking, take a guided tour of Horinji Temple with the priest.

The highlight of Horinji Temple is that you can see the Buddha statues, which are important cultural properties within reach.
The priest explains the history, Buddhist statues and temple treasures in an easy-to-understand manner.
Questions will be answered courteously, so feel free to ask!!!

> Click here for details on the guided tour at Horinji Temple

Experiencing Japanese hospitality with a match green tea at Jikoin

Lastly experience Japanese hospitality.

Experience place "Jikoin".
The nationally designated scenic garden is one of the Three Great Gardens of Nara. The precincts are created as a place for a tea ceremony, and it is a space where you can feel extraordinary atmosphere.
Take a break while looking at the calming garden.

> Click here for details on the Japanese hospitality experience at Jikoin

Flow of the day
09:00 JR Horyuji Station
(Walking or taxi)

09:20 Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru / Reception

10:00: Sutra-copying Experience at Yatadera Temple

11:00 Yatadera-Matsuodera trekking
(With Ikaruga's specialty, Tatsuta fried lunch box)

13:30 Walking tour of Horinji Temple guided by the priest

14:30 Experiencing Japanese hospitality with a match green tea at Jikoin

16:00 Finish

16:30 JR Horyuji Station

Reception place

Nara Ikaruga Tourism Waikaru

1-6-30, Horyuji Higashi, Ikoma Gun Ikaruga Cho, Nara Ken, 636-0112, Japan


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