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Hamoto Residence

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Built between the 23rd and 24th years of the Meiji era. At that time, it was a money changer. The weight mark on the window is a reminiscent of a money changer.
"Mukuri(slightly convex roof)" on the roof, "kemuridashi(window provided to let smoke out)" remains, and "lattice windows", "Battari shogi(folding bench)", "ichimonji kawara(straight bottom edge tiles)", "sode kabe(A small wall that protrudes outside the pillars of a building)", etc. can be seen, which is a characteristic of Machiya.
Registered tangible cultural property (designated on August 21, 2002)
* A part of the residence is open to display cultural properties owned by the "Hamoto Petit Museum".


Admission fee
300 yen (however, it is free for junior high school students and younger)
Opening hours
10:00~15:00 Visit until 16:00
Closing day
December 26th to January 15th of the year-end and New Year holidays<br>(Please contact by phone the day before and we will open when you agree to the tour.)<br>* May take a rest due to circumstances. Please check by phone.