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Kakuanji Temple

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Open wisdom and reveal the way.
In the land of Kumakorishojya Temple, which Prince Shotoku was familiar with as a school building
The wisdom to live strong and supple leads to a path of light.

It illuminates the light of relief and hope in an era full of anxiety and chaos. That is "wisdom."
Wisdom is not the acquisition of knowledge or memory, but the ability to determine the truth with the right judgment.
In the modern world, the devastation of the heart is called out and various social problems are caused.
It is said that the main reason for this is that only knowledge education precedes and the learning of wisdom is forgotten.
Face things with a clear heart, just as the calm ocean reflects all the stars in the sky.
Capturing what is happening and deriving the truth from it is the opening of wisdom, which leads to a strong and supple life.