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Hakomotokan "Konya" Dyer

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Former dyeing shop
Konya-cho where dye shops were gathered. A waterway runs through the center of the road, creating a unique atmosphere. This water comes from the Koriyama castle and used for the dyed cloth and threads.
After Mr. Okuno, who had been running a dye shop for generations, closed the shop, the city rebuilt it as the Hakomotokan "Konya".
The goldfish collection is on display in the museum, and you can see how the dye shop was run.
Dyed products are also on display, and you can also experience dyeing.
Please drop by for a break while exploring the city.


Opening Hours
Every Monday (the next day if the day is a holiday), the day after the holiday, the New Year holidays (12 / 28-1 / 4) * In addition, there are temporary closed days.
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